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All you need to know about vitamin K2

Basma Saleh is a health coach, founder of Ancient Traditions and a new stockist of Grassland Nutrition products. Basma offers a range of natural supplements, without fillers, binders, preservatives and other nasties. Her product selection ensures sustainable methods of sourcing, balanced with science-based findings.  Ancient Traditions has been borne out of desire to understand more […]

How Our Organic Beef is Guaranteed Halal

Our most frequently asked question by far is… “Are your beef products Halal?” The simple answer is YES!  We hope that we can satisfy your curiosity through this blog. and provide peace of mind that Grassland Nutrition products are Halal safe – as well as organic sourced. What is organic Halal beef ? Halal is […]

Nature’s antidote for an underactive thyroid

Problems arise when your thyroid produces too many hormones (hyperthyroidism) or not enough (hypothyroidism). And the main cause..? A lack of iodine. Where is your thyroid? The thyroid gland is positioned – as you can see in the first image below – with the ‘X’ marking the spot. It is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located […]