Adapt to Seasonal Changes and Conquer Histamine Sensitivity with Beef Kidney

Histamine Sensitivity: 9 Cool Energy Tips for Seasonal Shifts

As the seasons shift, our body’s reaction to allergens can trigger histamine sensitivity. Tackle seasonal challenges and optimise your health simultaneously using beef kidney.

Understanding Histamine Sensitivity 

During seasonal transitions, allergens like pollen and mould spike histamine levels that can lead to increased bouts of sneezing, itchiness, and nasal congestion. In navigating seasonal changes and managing allergic reactions, incorporating optimal approaches that blend physical activity with nutrition is key. Alongside regular exercise, including nutrient-dense foods like beef kidney in your diet can provide substantial benefits.

Check out Health Coach Kait’s 10 Signs of Histamine Intolerance (and how to fix it!) video for further reading.

Optimal Approaches for Histamine Sensitivity: Handling Allergic Reactions

Beef kidney is a powerhouse of essential nutrients such as protein, zinc, Vitamin A, copper, and folate, which play crucial roles in supporting immune function and overall health. By consuming nutrient-rich beef kidney in convenient forms like freeze-dried powder or capsules, you can easily integrate these vital nutrients into your daily routine. Pairing physical activity with a nutrient-rich diet helps combat fatigue, boost energy levels, and strengthen the immune system—empowering you to tackle seasonal challenges and minimise allergic reactions effectively.

Nutrient-Rich Benefits of Beef Kidney for Histamine Sensitivity

Adding beef kidney to your diet can be a powerful choice, especially if you have allergies and need a boost of DAO (Diamine Oxidase) to help manage symptoms. Here are 9 reasons why beef kidney is a nutritional powerhouse to see you through seasonal fluctuations:

  1. Nutrient-Rich Beef kidney is crammed with essential nutrients, including protein, zinc, Vitamin A, copper, and folate. A 100-gram portion of kidney provides around 20 grams of protein, making it a substantial source of this essential nutrient. You can easily incorporate these nutrients into your diet by consuming nutrient-rich freeze-dried powder form—just 1.5 tablespoons each day or up to 6 capsules, allowing you to reap the benefits with minimal effort!
  2. Energy Boost Riboflavin in beef kidney raises the metabolic rate, which can help boost energy levels naturally.
  3. Brain and Nervous System Support Vitamin B12 and folate are crucial for healthy brain function and benefit the nervous system, aiding in cognitive health and mood regulation.
  4. Combat Fatigue Iron in the kidney helps combat fatigue by supporting the oxygenation of body tissues, promoting overall vitality and endurance.
  5. Immune System Protection Selenium acts as an antioxidant, boosting the immune system and protecting cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals and environmental toxins.
  6. Bone Health Vitamin K2 in beef kidney activates calcium-binding proteins that aid in building and maintaining strong bones.
  7. Antioxidant and Absorption Copper, another powerful antioxidant in kidney, not only helps with iron absorption but also strengthens connective tissues.
  8. Thyroid Health Zinc found in beef kidney is essential for healthy thyroid function, wound healing, and protecting cells from oxidative stress.
  9. Respiratory and Digestive Strength Vitamin A boosts both the digestive and respiratory systems, supporting overall immune function.

Consider incorporating beef kidney into your diet or exploring high-quality supplements like Australian Grass-Fed Beef Kidney Chunks or our new powder option to reap the nutritional rewards and support your health goals effectively. We believe our 100% concentrated whole food beef organs reach the places other foods and supplements cannot reach. We’d love your feedback on how they make you feel!

Circadian Biology and Sunlight benefits for Histamine Sensitivity

Aligning your dietary choices and physical activity with circadian biology is a no-brainer to  optimise your health. Exposure to natural sunlight at key times of the day helps regulate your body’s internal clock, supporting immune function and overall well-being. Prioritise outdoor activities and sunlight exposure into your daily routine, particularly during morning hours, to synchronise your circadian rhythm and enhance your body’s ability to adapt to seasonal changes. 

Life is too short to feel average. With Grassland Nutrition, you can thrive!

Grass Fed Kidney Powder 120g

KIDNEY HELPS WITH HISTAMINE INTOLERANCE: Our Organically sourced Grass-fed Beef Kidney Powder Rich in naturally sourced B12, Selenium & Natural DAO (diamine oxidase) its primary function is to break down excess histamine in your body it acts as natural anti nasal, tackling congestion, itchy skin, headaches, and sneezing.

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