How Our Organic Beef is Guaranteed Halal

Our most frequently asked question by far is…

“Are your beef products Halal?”

The simple answer is YES!  We hope that we can satisfy your curiosity through this blog. and provide peace of mind that Grassland Nutrition products are Halal safe – as well as organic sourced.

What is organic Halal beef ?

Halal is Arabic for permissible. Halal food adheres to the Islamic law, as defined in the Quran   and Sunnah. The slaughter can either be done by a Muslim, Christian or a Jew (people of the Book) as long as they recite Bismillah and Allahu Akbar (In the name of God and God is the Greatest).  

Animals must be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter and all blood is drained from the carcass. 

The Islamic form of slaughtering  is done via an incision to the trachea, esophagus and the jugular veins in conjunction with the carotid arteries, but not the spinal cord.

Australia has strict food safety and traceability systems with controls applied in the production of Halal meat and meat products by approved Islamic organisations. This ensures that high food safety standards and Halal robustness measures are maintained.

When you buy Australian Halal meat and meat products, you can be confident that you are buying clean, safe and 100% guaranteed Halal meat.

What makes our organic Halal beef products unique?

Our products contain organic beef – and NOTHING else. There are no fillers, flavours or preservatives. Purity of products these days is rare, for instance up to 5% of a capsule’s contents can be padded out with fillers and still regarded as pure! You can trust us to provide ONLY the purest product. We will not compromise on quality and see no value in offering anything less than the best.

Grassland Nutrition’s organic Halal beef products are:

  • Grass-fed and grass-finished
  • From a Certified Organic source
  • Hormone, pesticide, antibiotic & GMO free
  • Zero fillers (or) flow agents
  • 100% freeze dried, not heat processed – that way all the nutrients are retained for your maximum benefit
  • Non-defatted and left in their natural state

We practice what we preach by consuming Grassland Nutrition products everyday.  It’s the very reason we created our selective range of products and we enjoy the clear benefits of more energy, strength and immunity. This drives our passion to pass on the benefits of nutrient rich organic beef wholefood snacks, powders and nutritional supplements to you.

Why choose us for organic Halal beef  products?

Grassland Nutrition sources its organic beef from OBE Organic, the oldest and most trustworthy producer of organic beef in Australia. The farming collective covers 16 million acres of organic land in Australia’s Channel Country where cattle roam freely and graze on hundreds of native herbs, grasses and herbaceous plants. The global Muslim community can be confident that products from OBE Organic and by association – Grassland Nutrition – adheres to the Halal regulations . This is further illustrated in the OBE Organic Halal Beef showcase.


Organic and Halal beef liver from Grassland Nutrition is rich in B12 to support energy and strength. 

Our beef liver product range includes:

Beef Liver Powder

We recommend you use it in your smoothies,shakes, sauces, add it to ground beef, sprinkle it on eggs, or even over yoghurt. Our organic beef liver powder is an economical choice compared with the capsule form.

Beef Liver Capsules

Ideal for if you are on the go and aren’t keen on the Powder, take these capsules as directed for maximum benefits. Not only a great choice for bone and muscle health, after only one month you will notice the difference in your hair and skin quality too.

Beef Liver, Kidney & Heart Wholefood Snacks

Diced and easy to consume, freeze-dried organic Halal beef liver Kidney & Heart wholefood  snacks are three to four times as nutritious in volume to their raw equivalent, you can eat these as a snack or incorporate them in your everyday dishes. We like to snack on these – along  with our latest product in the range, Beef Suet.

Beef Liver and Kelp Energy Formula Capsules

In addition to the beef exclusive products we produce popular blended formula with Organic Sourced Australian Beef Liver and Australian organically harvested Bull Kelp that is rich in B12 and Iodine. These superfoods combined, create a powerful 2-in-1 unique energy formulation. Read more about the significance of iodine, its amazing health and immunity properties and how iodine is one of the biggest deficiencies in our modern diet. Check out the blog.


Grassland Nutrition’s blended liver and kelp formula is available in powdered form for those who prefer to add the blend into sauces, or add to smoothies and shakes to get their immunity and strength boost. Get your liver and kelp powder here

Bull Kelp Crunch

We love the moreish Bull Kelp Crunch that can be sprinkled on literally anything to add a little salty flavour and crunch. It’s available in 50g and 100g size resealable bags.  Take it from us there won’t be many reseals once you’ve tried it!

Please share your favourite ways of adding our organic Halal Beef products to your daily dishes, so we may pass further recipe ideas to our growing community. [contact us]


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