1 Reason Why Iodine Deficiency Sadly Persists in Modern Diets

Exploring the Vital Role of Iodine in Health: Insights from Dr. John Campbell

We’ve talked about the importance of iodine in the diet many times, but we’re not an authority on such things. We’d like to point you to the findings and recommendations of Dr. John Campbell, a retired nurse teacher and A&E nurse based in England who provides learning on the background of all forms of healthcare internationally.

John initially caught our attention when he began reporting and analysing positive case data back in 2020. His informative videos now attract 2.4m followers.

In his recent Rampant BA 5 (from 15 minutes and 20 seconds see below), John stresses that iodine KILLS ALL VIRUSES AND BACTERIA.

John is calling for studies to be undertaken in Japan where positive case health records have been significantly lower, directly correlating this to regular seaweed consumption. Kelp lies abundant in the sea and can be acquired cheaply. Why has this not been recognized and why is this seemingly obvious research not being undertaken? He added that making kelp widely available or offering a natual iodine dietary supplement is the way forward. Grassland Nutrition can help!

Insights from Dr. John Campbell’s Interview with Dr. Nyjon Eccles

In an earlier interview, some months ago, iodine had also been in focus. Dr. John Campbell Interview with Dr. Nyjon Eccles – The Importance of Nutrients, Especially Iodine (from 4.40 see below). The expertise of physician Dr. Nyjon Eccles had been sought – and our modern reliance on medicines over optimizing physical health with nutrition was scrutinized.

Unlocking the Power Iodine with Bull Kelp

Over the past 4 years Grassland Nutrition has produced tried and tested products that meet this need, and we are passionate about the genuine benefits of kelp, so much so we visit our Tasmanian supplier regularly where the air is pure and only 1% of kelp is hand-harvested from the shores of the Australian Southern Ocean, the world’s cleanest environment.

Our wholefood Bull Kelp Crunch was a revelation and is delicious. It derives from dried Durvillaea Potatorum, a unique species of Bull Kelp that thrives in the mixing zone of nutrients welling up from the depths of the Great Southern Ocean. Tested 100% free of inorganic arsenic and radiation, it is particularly rich in iodine which promotes optimal thyroid function.

Here’s a snap of Kel from Grassland Nutrition in Marawah, Tasmania from earlier this year. Note this is the fringe and not the stalk that we harvest to produce our Bull Kelp Crunch.

Due to cold sea temperatures, Durvillaea Potatorum has the highest natural vitamin and mineral content of any brown kelp in the world.

To preserve the nutrients in our Bull Kelp, we exclusively process it gently by freeze-drying rather than heat drying, which tends to destroy essential vitamins.

How to best consume Bull Kelp Crunch?

Sprinkle it over savory food for a naturally salty taste and crunch, eat on its own or mix into yogurt.

For those that prefer not to taste the salty sea, take your iodine in a dietary supplement; our liver and kelp capsules get a 5-star thumbs up.

A happy user of Bull Kelp Crunch in the U.S left provided a 5-star review with the following feedback:

“If you have a low thyroid this is a must. Tasty sprinkled on avocados with salt. It’s very crunchy and a lil salty. Very tasty though. Almost like very crunchy sea snacks. I have more energy after eating these for a month.”

For more information and queries about kelp, beef liver, or other products in our range, get in touch and see speak with us today.


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