Tracing Beef Organ Nutrition Through Ancient Traditions

Learn And Thrive. Beef Organs Nutrition Through Ancient Traditions

Tracing Beef Organ Nutrition Through Ancient Traditions. Our journey towards health and well-being is complex. In this blog, we revisit the wisdom of ancient practices to explore how nutrition has come full circle.

We’ve connected ancient ancestral diets to our beef organ products to highlight their relevance in modern life.

A Legacy of Simple Beef Organ Nutritional Wisdom

“The foods that allow people of every race and every climate to be healthy are whole natural foods–meat with its fat, organ meats, whole milk products, fish, insects, whole grains, tubers, vegetables and fruit–not newfangled concoctions made with white sugar, refined flour and rancid and chemically altered vegetable oils.”

Weston. A. Price – Ancient Dietary Wisdom for Tomorrow’s Children

Ancient societies, were adept at preserving food, using techniques that parallel modern freeze-drying practices. The Aztecs, enjoyed a varied and nutrient-dense diet. Their food practices included maize, beans, squash, insects, fish, and various meats, including organ meat. This diverse diet provided essential proteins and nutrients crucial for their health and vitality.

The Incas, developed methods to dry meat, a practice that ensured a continuous and moveable food supply. This is merely one of their innovative agricultural practices.

Similarly, the Aztecs preserved the nutritional value of organ meats through drying processes akin to freeze-drying. By drying meats, the Aztecs ensured essential vitamins and minerals. The main vitamins, iron and B12, are vital for energy levels, as well as cognitive function and overall health.

Both cultures recognised the importance of nutrient preservation. The Aztecs, for instance, included insects like grasshoppers and worms in their diet, which were excellent sources of protein. They also consumed fish, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for brain health and endurance. These ancient practices of food preservation highlight the innovative approaches to survival as well as their understanding of nutrition.

Dried meats preserved in the style of ancient civilisations, such as the Aztecs and Incas

Modern Ancestral Diets: Embracing the Past for a Healthier Future incorporating Beef Organs

We’re delighted there has been a resurgence of the incorporation of beef organs! The increased focus on ancestral diets honours the body and the whole foods align perfectly with Grassland Nutrition, and our commitment to providing high-quality, organic, and ethically sourced products.

We embrace the time-honoured method of whole food preservation, offering modern convenience with freeze-dried beef organ meats. With advanced gentle freeze-drying technology, we retain the nutrient density of beef organs. This modern technique helps our customers to meet today’s dietary needs, addressing common deficiencies while offering a convenient way to incorporate these vital nutrients into a daily routine.

The Art Of Freeze Drying Beef Organs

Freeze drying involves removing moisture from frozen meat under a vacuum, preserving and enriching its nutrients. The process is to wash and cut the meat and then frozen at -40 degrees Celsius. This process maintains the integrity of the product.

We place frozen meat in a freeze-drying vacuum chamber with a lower pressure. The ice turns into water vapour in a process called sublimation. We keep the meat cold, and the water vapour collects on the cold pipes, leaving the final meat product dry.

The resulting meat retains its original colour, shape, and heightened nutritional value.

Notably, freeze-dried meat, like beef liver, becomes around three times as nutrient-dense as its raw equivalent. This provides a highly concentrated source of essential vitamins and minerals.

An 8 cylindrical freeze-dryer where the atmospheric pressure is lowered to create a vacuum, mimicking the conditions of outer space

Bridging Ancient Wisdom with Modern Needs

We take inspiration from ancient dietary wisdom to offer products that support modern health needs. Our evolving range of 22 Australian-made grass fed beef organ products are organic sourced and Halal-friendly.

Everyone can benefit from the power of natural whole foods. The range incorporates:

  1. Organic Sourced Meat-Based Nutrition: Nutrient-rich organ meats provide a concentration of essential vitamins and minerals. The products mirror the nutrient-dense animal foods consumed by the Aztecs.
  2. Whole food Supplements: The range honours ancestral ways of eating. We have linked the likes of Chinese medicine and ancient traditions in our products. Supporting various aspects of health you may experience a boost in immunity and energy or more comfortable digestion. Feedback we have received from happy customers include better skin health, improved sleep, hormone balance, better digestion, freedom from debilitating headaches and much more.
  3. Halal-Friendly Nutrition: All our products meet Halal standards, making health benefits accessible to a wide audience.

Integrating Ancient Superfoods into Your Diet. Beef Organs!

To truly embrace the wisdom of the ancients, consider whole food nutrition. Add animal-based superfoods into your diet. Here are a few ideas:

  • Grilled Fish: Incorporate fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids into your weekly meals for improved heart and brain health.
  • Liver Supplements: Much like the nutrient-rich diets of the Aztecs, beef liver is rich in vitamin B12. Along with many other key benefits, B12 is vital to overall health. and largely missing from our modern convenience-based diets. More overly B12 helps with red blood cell formation, anaemia prevention, improves mood, supports bone health and strength and eye health.

Beef liver is a high-quality protein, known as a superfood, rich in heme iron. Beef liver is the most nutrient-dense organ and it provides essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce. It is a great source of vitamins. Here’s a list of what beef liver can contribute to:

  • Energy production
  • Energy digestion
  • Healthy skin
  • Fertility health
  • Immune system and immune function
  • Fetal development 
  • Heart health
  • Mental clarity and focus
  • Strong bones
  • Improved strength and muscle development
  • Enhanced mood
  • Eye health

Circadian Health Practices

The Aztecs had a deep understanding of natural rhythms. They aligned their lifestyle with the natural cycles of the sun and moon, holding these practices with utmost importance.

With the rise in technology in our everyday lives, circadian health practices are more challenging. However, one could argue they are more critical. Take a leaf out of our ancestral practices and aim to keep to these 3 daily habits:

  1. Maintain a regular waking routine.
  2. Expose yourself to natural light during the day, and
  3. Minimise your exposure to artificial light at night.

Morning Sunlight Exposure tip:

Start your day with exposure to natural sunlight to regulate your circadian rhythm and improve sleep quality.

Consistent Sleep Schedule tip:

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, even on weekends.

Ancient meat preservation practices offer invaluable insights into nutrition and holistic health that is incredibly relevant today. We can thrive from ancient traditions and modern freeze dried organ supplements. By placing importance on nutrient dense foods, your body will thank you and serve you well.

Embrace the power of ancestral diets, support your overall health and take charge of your own vitality. Discover the nutritional benefits of organic sourced, Halal-friendly beef liver, heart, kidney and spleen whole food supplements. Your journey to health and well-being, inspired by the past, begins today.

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Discover our products, blending ancient wisdom with modern technology, to support your health. Embrace the power of ancestral diets and take charge of your vitality with Grassland Nutrition and our niche in producing Australian-made organic sourced, Halal-friendly beef organs based products.

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