It’s an education to realise what makes us alert, strong and emotionally balanced and this goes against societal norms. It was so refreshing to come across this image of Stephen Cardona, an inspiring thinker and mover compared to his ancestor here.

Imagine instead the epitome of the average western man in the 21st Century, many simply accept our sedentary excessive sugar-habit ways and do nothing to change. 

Stephen’s approach to life combines nutrition, personal training, emotional development and a focus on family to thrive, and you can’t argue with that in this image!

Stephen explained; 

“My ancestors lived a traditional clean eating lifestyle. Hunting and gathering of the land. They were of athletic build from exercising everyday hunting..why have we let western food control our way of life?”

If you are reading this blog, you’ll already be conscious about what you are putting in your body and what fuels you well. 

Stephen has adopted some of his culture’s traditional eating to fuel his fitness-based lifestyle, he added, “…we lived on protein and animal fats, occasionally having carbohydrates in the form of yams”. This ancestral foundation helps Stephen stay in top condition. He is almost 51 and is committed to maintaining his physique and energy levels ongoing.

He can enjoy western food culture on occasion and has learnt how he can balance this with his traditional eating plan.

Government Health guidelines are outmoded for today’s society, much of the foodstuffs available on supermarket shelves have little resemblance to real food.  Our sugar-addicted society can be seen all around us and heart disease and mental health concerns are at an all-time high. Like Stephen, we understand that operating a carbohydrate metabolism is not healthy for the body or mind.

Reassuringly there are a growing number of individuals and groups forming that don’t wish to feel sick any longer and are taking the reins to have more energy and better health to live life to the fullest!

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