From humble beginnings

This is the story of how our beef liver based dietary supplements came to be known under the banner of Grassland Nutrition.

Hailing from Denmark, where fried beef liver regularly features on the menu and liver pâté is regarded as a national dish, it didn’t take much imagination to see Australia had a highly valuable resource. And that it wasn’t realising its full potential.

Testing market appetite for homemade Liver Pâté

We arrived in Australia from our home land of Denmark. It was 1982. We quickly noted with surprise that liver wasn’t popular, however dogs might be fed some if they were lucky.

Our commitment was to farming, and although we gleaned that there would be an appetite for liver, we didn’t take it further back then.

In 2015, we sold our farm in NSW and relocated to South Australia.  We were of pensionable age, yet didn’t fit a retiree mold, and so my wife and I were excited to test the market with our liver pâté.

With council permission to produce the pâté in our home kitchen we sold it at local farmers markets, and at some local shops.

Liver origin and its importance

We wanted to know more about the origin of the beef liver we were using and made arrangements with friends we had met when beef cattle farmers. They were selling their own beef meat at farmers markets – and as they didn’t use the liver we began to collect stock directly from the abattoir itself.

In 2016 we had reached a crossroads. Our product was selling well and our fresh goal was to make our pâté available en masse as a sandwich spread. In order to do this at a commercial level, a large investment was needed.

A visit back to Denmark to investigate factory production was undertaken, and yet as the product would need refrigerating throughout its lifecycle, it was considered to be too difficult – and shelved, yet not forgotten.

The birth of beef liver powder

Given the level of health benefits liver can provide, I knew there must be a way to create a widely accessible product.  An idea came to us to dry it and offer it as a product in the form of a powder.

I wasn’t aware that beef liver powder had been on the market for many years, but had been mostly forgotten.  I searched liver powder capsules and found a few brands – from Argentina and New Zealand, yet nothing from Australia. What a waste!

It seemed to me that this product should be on the rise, and decided an offering that matched Australia’s ‘clean and green’ reputation with an Australian made liver powder could take off.

Copenhagen’s 800th birthday – 1967

An organic nutrient rich premium product

It had to be a premium product, organically sourced, (not just converted to organic) but biodynamic.  We decided to outsource the steps of production and find a reliable partner to dry the beef liver.

Farmers in the ‘Channel Country’, in the heart of Australia (thousands of kilometers from dense population) got together in the 1990’s and formed OBE Organic, and have since successfully marketed their Organic Beef worldwide. OBE Organic expressed a keenness to collaborate.

Quality and production pitfalls

We found ‘low temperature drying’ of the liver would result in pasteurisation at 82 degrees celsius – as described for safety purposes. This presented a challenge as it would compromise our premium product. Many vitamins would be leached out using that process, and we wouldn’t settle for less than the best outcome.

We had to find somebody who could ‘freeze dry’ the liver, a process which allows the preservation of all nutrients. After much searching, there was one Freeze Drier in Tasmania with the expertise to do this.

How to Preserve the Nutrients

I contacted OBE Organic and told them about my idea, since then we have had a very positive relationship.

We decided also to outsource the different steps of production and first of all, we had to find somebody, who could dry the liver.

We found that, but soon realised, that even at a so-called “low temperature drying”, the liver would be pasteurised at a temperature of 82 degrees Celsius – for so called safety.

What about our premium product? There would not be many Vitamins left in that process, and we didn’t want just to sell “saw dust”.

We had to find somebody who could ‘freeze dry’ the liver, a process which allows the preservation of all nutrients. Nobody on mainland Australia could do it, only one Freeze Drier in Tasmania had the expertise to do this.

Adding kelp

The reigning qualities of liver, is the wealth of A-Z vitamins and minerals. With well-documented vitamin B12 deficiency across many areas of the globe, the availability – and use of liver powder will have a positive impact.

After researching that iodine is equally deficient in many populations, we considered producing a blended product, ensuring a natural organic source.

We found kelp could be a great source, as long as it contains the right level of Iodine (around the world there is a vast difference in iodine content, as there is with pollution levels).

After much searching, we found we were in the right place when we found The Freeze Drier, Forager Food, in Tasmania.

When in Tasmania, the organic certified Kelp harvester, Stafford Heres of “Marrawha Gold” was able to deliver the kelp we needed. Kelp is sustainably harvested from the clean wild waters of the North West coast of Tasmania – a mere 1% that comes ashore naturally is the total quantity collected.

The Freeze Drier, Forager Food, in Tasmania, has been tested to possess the cleanest air in the world and works with us to dry both our liver from Queensland and the kelp from Tasmania.

Marrawah Gold News Story

Today and into the future

Grassland Nutrition products now include a variety of capsule based supplements, freeze dried organ snacks, liver powder and beef suet. We actively seek feedback from our customers to ensure the best experience possible. Where it makes sense, additional products of the highest quality to help you feel good, be happy and live longer will be available!

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