This is the story about our liver based dietary supplements under the banner of Grassland Nutrition.

Having grown up in Denmark, where fried liver is regularly on the menu and liver pâté is regarded as a national dish, it didn’t take much imagination to see, that Australia had a highly valuable resource, which wasn’t being utilised to its full potential.

Our Homemade Liver Pâté Business

In 1982, the year we arrived in Australia, liver was not something most people would eat, dogs might fed some if they were lucky.

We successfully tested the marked for our homemade liver pâté, but because of other commitments, we were farmers, we did not continue at the time.

In 2015, after we sold our farm in NSW and moved to South Australia, being “pensioners” in the true sense of the word did not suit us, so we looked for a new challenge, and why not test the market with our liver pâté once again.

We obtained council permission to make the pâté in our home kitchen, sold them at the local farmers market and in some local shops.

We wanted to know where the liver came from, so we made arrangement with some good friends whom we knew from our time as beef cattle farmers.

Our friends were selling their own meat at the Farmers Market but didn’t use the liver, so every second week I would go to the abattoir and pick up the liver myself.

We could more or less sell everything we made out of the kitchen, so in my mind, at the end of 2016 we had come to a crossroad.  Our goal was to make our pâté available to the masses as an everyday sandwich spread, but in order to do this, a much bigger investment would be required. I even traveled to Denmark in order to inspect factories and talk to those, who did it in a big way.

Copenhagen’s 800th birthday – 1967

Making Liver into a Powder

After returning home to Australia I realised, that because our product was one that needed to be kept refrigerated, it would further complicate production in a big way, so we stopped making the Pâté at that stage, but it is not forgotten.

At the same time, my mind never seemed to stand still, I was still looking for a way to utilise “all that Liver”, which I knew by now had so many benefits to our health, and bingo, why not dry it and turn it into a powder.

At first, I didn’t know that liver powder had actually been on the market for many years, but was a sort of a forgotten product.

I Goggled Liver powder capsules and found only a few brands coming from Argentina and one or two made with liver from New Zealand, but nothing from Australia. What a waste.

It seemed to me, that the product was on the rise again, so I thought; why not use Australia’s ‘clean and green’ reputation to market an Australian made liver powder?

Creating an Organic Premium Product

From the beginning, it was decided that it had to be a premium product, no point in running behind somebody else doing the same.

First it had to be an Organic sourced product, (not just converted to Organic) but in my mind Real Organic – Bio Dynamic.

From our time as Beef Farmers in Queensland I knew, that farmers in the “Channel Country”, in the heart of Australia, thousands of kilometers from dense population, in the early 1990s got together and formed OBE Organic, and have since successfully marketed their Organic Beef worldwide.

How to Preserve the Nutrients

I contacted OBE Organic and told them about my idea, since then we have had a very positive relationship.

We decided also to outsource the different steps of production and first of all, we had to find somebody, who could dry the liver.

We found that, but soon realised, that even at a so-called “low temperature drying”, the liver would be pasteurised at a temperature of 82 degrees Celsius – for so called safety.

What about our premium product? There would not be many Vitamins left in that process, and we didn’t want just to sell “saw dust”.

We had to find somebody who could ‘freeze dry’ the liver, a process which allows the preservation of all nutrients. Nobody on mainland Australia could do it, only one Freeze Drier in Tasmania had the expertise to do this.

Why Kelp Was Added

In my mind, the main feature of liver is the different Vitamins and Minerals from A – Z, together in one whole package. Chris Kresser, – Natures most potent super food,

With well-documented vitamin B12 deficiency in a large part of the world, making liver powder available could definitely have a positive impact.

We then heard that Iodine was equal deficient in many populations, so we thought why not make a blended product, but it still had to be Natural Organic sourced.

We found that Kelp could be the source, but it had to contain the right amount of Iodine (round the world there can be a big difference in Iodine content and in pollution levels as well).

It turned out that the Freeze Drier in Tasmania could lead us in the right direction.

Straight away we went to Tasmania, met the Organic certified Kelp harvester Stafford Heres of “Marrawha Gold” who was able to deliver the Kelp we needed. It comes from the clean wild waters of the North West coast of Tasmania, sustainably harvested – they only collect 1% of all the Kelp that comes ashore naturally.

The air in this area is tested to be the cleanest in the world.

The Freeze Drier, Forager Food, on Tasmania is now organised to dry both our Liver from Queensland and the Kelp from Tasmania.

Marrawah Gold News Story