Bella (aka Steak and Butter Gal) shares her challenges and experiences of improving autoimmune conditions (eczema & psoriasis), acne, mental health, mood, and energy with animal foods alone. Bella is relatable and interviews specialists in nutrition and has advocated Grassland Nutrition products.

We like Bella’s interview with Dr. Robert Kiltz on food plan +fasting schedule for max performance, health, fat loss.

Her egg pudding recipe is super yummy too.

Health Coach Kait

A certified health coach, YouTube Creator who always struggled with weight issues while growing up, learned that there is no need for fad diets and calorie restrictions. Health Coach Kait helps and empowers you to realise that you are in control of your health. Based in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia she consults with people both online and in-person.

Leda Lum

Leda Lum is a YouTube Creator that takes a simple, holistic and economical approach to health and nutrition. Leda offers DIY beauty tips that promote skin and age health.

She has reviewed our products on YouTube.

Take a look and see what she thinks.


Bobby is a YouTuber Creator that creates videos that revolve around the topics of Veganism, Fitness, Plant Medicines, Philosophy, Spirituality and more.


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