A certified health coach, YouTube Creator who always struggled with weight issues while growing up, learned that there is no need for fad diets and calorie restriction. With the goal of help you feel empowered and realise you are in control of your health. Based in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia and work with people both online and in-person.

Leda Lum

Leda Lum a YouTube Creator that takes a Simple- Holistic- Economical approach to health and nutrition, offering DIY beauty tips aiming to keep your skin and age healthy.

She has reviewed our product on YouTube, please have a watch, and see her thoughts.

Ric Drasin

Professional Body Builder and Wrestler. Arnold Schwarzenegger Training. Partner Star of Many Movies and TV Shows. Designer of the Gold’s Gym Logo & the World Gym Gorilla. Demi-Hulk on “The Incredible Hulk” TV show. Joe Gold Lifetime Achievement Award Winner.


Bobby is a YouTuber Creator that creates videos which revolves around the Topics Veganism, Fitness, Plant Medicines, Philosophy, Spirituality and much more.