3 x Liver Capsules 2 x Liver Kelp Capsules 1 x Liver Powder

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Grassland Nutrition Bundle Pack

  • 3 x Beef Liver Capsules
  • 2 x Beef Liver with Wild Harvested Kelp Capsules
  • 1 x Liver Powder


3 Pack Organic Liver Capsules


2 Pack Organic Sourced Grass Fed Beef Liver with Wild Harvested Kelp and 1 X Liver Powder

Our unique blend of Organically sourced Grass-fed Beef Liver and Kelp is and ENERGY optimised formulation, a combination of 2 supplements in one affordable package. Rich in naturally sourced B12, IODINE to promotes energy levels, metabolism, thyroid regulation, supporting weight loss and B12 levels.


Native grass-fed and grass-finished. Our grass-fed liver is sourced from OBE ORGANIC in the Australian Channel Country where the cattle grazes freely on a nutrient dense grass diet of over 250 native species of plants watered by the natural rainfall. 100% – Organic, halal sourced, pure with no fillers, flow agents and no magnesium stearate. 100% FREEZE DRIED to optimally preserve heat sensitive nutrients, co-factors and biological activity.

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