Grass Fed Beef Suet 150g

Beef Suet – sourced from the finest fat around the kidneys, freeze-dried for extended shelf life. With a smoke point of 200°, it’s perfect for various cooking methods. Rich in Stearic Acid.

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What is suet?

Suet is made from the fat around the kidneys. The fat is removed from the meat, freeze-dried at low temperature to preserve the original source. Since it has been freeze dried it is fine to store in your cupboard and has an extremely long shelf life.

The smoke point of suet is 200°

Why is suet?

We were inspired to create this unique product when I met Claire who’s daughter Leafy was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 2. She had great success in dealing with her epilepsy using a ketogenic diet. She explained to me that suet was a ketogenic super fuel and allowed her daughter to eat more of a Modified Keto Diet giving her daughter more flexibility due to the beef suet.


Key Nutrients in Suet:

Rich in Stearic Acid – A fatty acid that boosts ketone production that aids in helping with weight and energy.


Organic Sourced and 100% GRASSFED and 100% GRASS FINISHED on Native Grasses

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