Iron Support Beef Organs & Kelp

Grassland Nutrition’s Iron Support+ features a premium blend sourced from OBE Organic in Australia, grass-fed and grass-finished combining liver and spleen with hand-harvested kelp from the Great Southern Ocean. Our product is made with 100% natural ingredients and is specifically formulated to support Iron levels.

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🌿 Introducing Grassland Nutrition’s Iron Support+

Rediscover the nutritional wisdom of our ancestors, filling the void left by modern diets.


🔍 Key Features:

  • Specifically Formulated to Support Iron health
  • 180 capsules / 90g content (30-60 serves)
  • 100% organic, halal, and pure formulation, free from fillers or flow agents
  • Freeze-dried to preserve heat-sensitive nutrients, co-factors, and biological activity


🔍 Key Benefits:


Healthy Growth and Brain Function: Liver is a rich source of essential nutrients like vitamins A and B12, which are crucial for healthy growth and optimal brain function. Known as “nature’s multivitamin,” there’s a reason liver comes first on this list.

Immune Supporting Nutrients: Liver contains nutrients like vitamin A and various minerals that support a robust immune system, aiding in overall health and well-being.


Rich in Iron: Spleen is such a potent immunity-booster that it’s commonly used by people with low white blood cell counts. The nutrients in the spleen may also benefit one’s appearance by helping to oxygenate the skin.


IQ and Rich in Iodine: Kelp is renowned for its high iodine content, which is essential for proper thyroid function and, consequently, plays a role in maintaining healthy metabolism and cognitive function, potentially enhancing IQ.


🤔How to use it

Start with 3 capsules and gradually increase to 6 capsules. When you feel good, you may reduce to 3 for optional maintenance. Take with food or water. Store in a cool, dry place.


Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

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