Grassland Nutrition Organic Bull Kelp Crunch (Durvillaea potatorum) 100g – Natural Iodine for Thyroid Support, sustainably wild harvested, No GMOs and Vegan Friendly

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This dried kelp (Durvillaea potatorum); is a unique species of Bull Kelp thriving in the mixing zone of nutrients welling up from the depths of the The Great Southern Ocean. It is particularly rich in iodine which promotes optimal thyroid function. Due to cold sea temperatures, it has the highest natural vitamins and minerals content of any brown kelp in the world.

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MARRAWAH GOLD on the West Coast of Tasmania Australia supplies us with their Organic Certified Bull Kelp, hand-harvested sustainably from the shores of the Australian Southern Ocean, recognized as the worlds cleanest environment. Tested 100% free of inorganic arsenic and radiation.

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To maximize the preservation of nutrients in our Bull Kelp, we exclusively process it gently by freeze-drying rather than heat drying, which tends to destroy essential



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