Buy Organic Liver and Kelp Capsules

Our flagship product with 100% Certified Organic liver and wild harvested kelp is a truly unique 2-in-1 energy powerhouse combo, by proving the power of natural B12 and giving you the recommended level of iodine improves your energy and strength.

Buy Organic Beef Liver Powder

Our 100% Certified Organic liver powder is an awesome way to add liver to existing meals without noticing the taste, by increasing the nutrient profile of your foods not only does the B12 increase your energy but also promotes satiety.

Our Tribal Foods Range has chunks of 100% Certified Organic liver, heart and kidney, this is the most convenient way of consuming the nutrient dense bioavailability of these organic organs, unlike capsules consuming only a small amount of each you can easy save having to swallow 18 capsules a day.