Elevate Your Health with Our Nutrient-Rich Whole food Blends

Welcome to a new era of holistic health and well-being! Our latest range of blended beef organs and kelp is designed to address specific deficiencies and provide optimal supplement benefits. 

At our core, we believe in the power of personalised well-being. The inspiration behind our blended beef organs and kelp range stems from the multitude of requests we’ve received from individuals like you, seeking targeted solutions for their unique health concerns.

We understand that health is not a one-size-fits-all concept, and that’s why we’ve meticulously crafted these blends to empower you to take control of your health journey.

Have specific concerns such as allergies, histamine tolerance, or a focus on heart health? Our blends are not just products; they are answers to your requests. For those grappling with histamine intolerance, our “HistamineSupport” is formulated to manage histamine levels, promote cell regeneration, and boost energy production. If heart health is your priority, explore the benefits of “CardioSupport” with its rich content of natural B12, Vitamin A, and Q10.

We believe in education and transparency, enabling you to pinpoint the nutrients and vitamins your body needs. By understanding your unique health requirements, you can make informed choices and actively participate in your well-being. Our commitment goes beyond providing products; it extends to empowering you to make proactive decisions for a healthier, more vibrant life.

Let’s delve into the unique qualities of each blend available in both capsules and powders and discover how they can cater to your individual needs. 

Introducing our 6 new blended beef organs and kelp range under the banner of Support+


1. Harness the Power of Organic Grass-Fed Beef Organs with IronSupport+

Iron Support+ A carefully crafted combination of organic grass-fed beef organs and spleen

IronSupport+ A carefully crafted combination of organic grass-fed beef organs and spleen



Our “IronSupport” blend is sourced exclusively from native grass-fed cattle in the Australian Channel Country. This blend, featuring beef liver, kelp, and spleen, offers a multitude of health benefits:





  • More Energy: Easily absorbable iron provides a natural energy boost.
  • Cognitive Function: Rich in iodine and vitamin B12 for improved cognitive function.
  • Purity and Quality: 100% organic and halal sourced with no fillers, ensuring the highest quality and purity.
  • Unique Grazing Habits: Cattle graze freely on a nutrient-rich diet of over 250 native grasses and herbs.

2. Tailored Nutrition for Male Health with MaleSupport+

Male Support+ is rich in natural B12 and Vitamin A

MaleSupport+ is rich in natural B12 and Vitamin A

Specifically designed for men, “MaleSupport” is rich in natural B12 and Vitamin A, providing essential nutrients for various aspects of men’s health, including cognitive support, prostate health, fertility, and overall well-being. Sourced from OBE Organic in Australia, this blend is 100% organic sourced, grass-fed, and grass-finished.



3. Nourish Your Female Wellness Naturally with FemaleSupport+

For women seeking comprehensive support, “FemaleSupport” is enriched with Coenzyme Q10, B12, and Vitamin A. This blend promotes healthy aging, sourced from OBE Organic in Australia, ensuring the highest quality and purity.

Female Support+ is enriched with Coenzyme Q10, B12, and Vitamin A.

Female Support+ is enriched with Coenzyme Q10, B12, and Vitamin A.

4. Embrace the Power of Natural Vitality with ReviveSupport+

Revitalise your health with “ReviveSupport,” a blend to help you get your mojo back. This product enhances heart health, boosts energy levels, and promotes healthy aging. Sourced from OBE Organic, it’s 100% organic, grass-fed, and grass-finished.

Revive Support+ is ideal for when your defences have been weakened. Long haul flight? COVID, Flu or a bad cold. Take action!

ReviveSupport+ is ideal for when your defences have been weakened. Long haul flight? COVID, Flu or a bad cold. Take action!

5. Nourishment for a Healthy Heart with CardioSupport+

This blend features Q10 for heart health, supporting cardiovascular function and promoting healthy aging.

This blend features Q10 for heart health, supporting cardiovascular function and promoting healthy aging.


Experience the benefits of “CardioSupport,” rich in natural B12 and Vitamin A.


6. Balancing Well-Being Naturally with HistamineSupport+

This robust blend of antioxidants not only assists in maintaining optimal histamine levels but also promotes cellular regeneration and amplifies energy production.

This robust blend of antioxidants not only assists in maintaining optimal histamine levels but also promotes cellular regeneration and amplifies energy production.

Combat histamine intolerance with our “HistamineSupport.”

This powerful antioxidant blend not only manages histamine levels but also supports cell regeneration and boosts energy production. Loaded with B12 and Vitamin A, it’s a holistic solution for overall well-being.



Why Choose Support+ Beef Organ and Kelp Blends?

  • Freeze-Dried Nutrition: Maximized nutrient density and convenience.
  • Versatile Products: Available in both capsule and powder forms for easy dietary incorporation.
  • Comprehensive Whole Food Support: Tackle malaise, fatigue, cardio health, histamine intolerance, and gender-specific health naturally.
  • No Extracts or Synthetics: Pure, whole food nutrition for optimal health.
  • Enhanced Iron Absorption: Ensuring your body gets the best support.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Tailored solutions for individual needs.


From bridging deficiency gaps to crafting strength-building solutions, our blends are designed with you in mind. Embrace wholefood nutrition, unlock your potential, and thrive with our family’s commitment to your well-being.


Your journey to a healthier, vibrant you starts here, and we’re with you every step of the way! 

Nourishing Your Vital Organs: The Timeless Wisdom of Ancient Chinese Medicine

Discover the Power of Organ Meats for a Healthier You!

Nutrition Week has just passed, a time when we’re often reminded about the importance of eating our five servings of vegetables daily.

But at Grassland Nutrition, we believe it’s time to expand this conversation and shift the focus to key nutrients that has been overlooked for too long. Organ meats, as cherished in ancient Chinese medicine! Let’s dive in and learn more about beef organs for nutrition and the link with Ancient Chinese Medicine.

Embracing Ancient Wisdom

While vegetables are considered important for overall health, the wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine has taught us something remarkable. As a result, this age-old tradition highlights the vital role organ meats play in nourishing and protecting our own vital organs.

In traditional Chinese medicine, each organ is associated with specific properties and energies. For example, the liver is connected with the Wood element and is believed to govern emotional balance and detoxification, while the kidneys are associated with Water and are believed to influence our vitality and life force. Organ meats align with these energetic principles, and eating them is seen as a way to support and protect our own liver and kidneys, among other vital organs.

Image courtesy of Tailored Coaching Method

Understanding the Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the profound wisdom lies in the interplay of five fundamental elements, each intricately connected to specific meridians or energy pathways. These meridians, often referred to as energy channels, are believed to serve as conduits through which Qi (life energy) and blood traverse the human body, creating a complex network that unites organs, tissues, and various physiological systems.

TCM acknowledges a set of twelve primary meridians, each intricately linked with specific organs or organ systems. These meridians branch out, dispersing Qi and blood to an array of tissues and muscles. Within this network, the twelve meridians are further categorised into pairs representing the harmonious interplay of Yin and Yang energies, embodying the holistic nature of the body.

Drawing upon the age-old wisdom of Yin-Yang theory and the Five Elements, TCM practitioners skillfully evaluate the flow of Qi, pinpoint areas of disharmony or blockages, and discern the most suitable techniques to restore a harmonious flow of energy and promote overall well-being.

Diagnosing Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine introduces a distinct approach to health diagnosis, guided by the Four Pillars of Diagnosis, also known as the Four Examinations. Unlike Western medicine, which often dissects specific symptoms, TCM takes a holistic perspective, focusing on the entire individual. TCM practitioners delve into the intricate balance of the patient’s well-being, seeking to diagnose not merely symptoms but also the root causes of any imbalances.

These Four Pillars provide a comprehensive framework for understanding a patient’s overall health, enabling practitioners to identify underlying patterns of disharmony and craft a tailored approach to restoring balance and vitality. Learn more in the blog; a Complete Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1on the Gaia Herbs website.

Why Choose Organ Meats?

At Grassland Nutrition, we’re passionate about providing you with the highest-quality organ meats to safeguard your health. While vegetables are held in high esteem in mainstream nutrition, organ meats offer a unique array of nutrients not commonly found in other foods. They are rich in essential vitamins and minerals like B12, iron, and zinc. These are crucial for maintaining overall health.

Our commitment to quality ensures you receive pure, organic, and Australian-made organ meat products that align with the principles of ancient Chinese medicine.

Embrace a Healthier You

Ancient wisdom and modern science come together to highlight the significance of organ meats in maintaining your well-being. We recommend adding organ meats to your diet to provide comprehensive nutrition for your vital organs.

At Grassland Nutrition, our mission remains unwavering: to educate and empower you to make healthier choices for a thriving life. By embracing organ meats, you can safeguard and nourish your vital organs. Be rest assured that you’re taking holistic care of your health.

Discover the Power of Organ Meats

We invite you to explore the timeless wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine. Unlock the potential of organ meats in protecting your vital organs. Your health is worth celebrating, and we’re here to help you do just that.

Grassland Nutrition – Nourishing Your Vital Organs Naturally 🌱

Try our unique liver and kelp blends and enjoy more stamina and vitality. You can be reassured that the products are 100% organic sourced, halal friendly and grass fed and grass finished.

Choose in powdered form and effortlessly nourish your vital organs. Add freeze-dried beef organ products to any savoury foodstuffs, smoothies and shakes or take in capsule form – on the go. 

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Why Liver and Kelp?

Why Liver and Kelp? 

“Something in the liver had prevented them from becoming exhausted.”

“To this day scientists have not been able to pin a label on this anti-fatigue factor.”

The Liver Files

The anti-fatigue factor was described by Benjamin K. Ershoff, PhD, in July 1951…..

Anti : reversing or undoing

Fatigue : a reduction in the efficiency of a muscle or organ after prolonged activity

Ershoff divided laboratory rats into three groups. The first ate a basic diet, fortified with 11 vitamins. The second ate the same diet, along with an additional supply of vitamin B complex. The third ate the original diet, but instead of vitamin B complex received 10 percent of rations as powdered liver.

After several weeks, the animals were placed one by one into a drum of cold water from which they could not climb out. They literally were forced to sink or swim. Rats in the first group swam for an average 13.3 minutes before giving up. The second group, which had the added fortifications of B vitamins, swam for an average of 13.4 minutes.

Of the last group of rats, the ones receiving liver, three swam for 63, 83 and 87 minutes. The other nine rats in this group were still swimming vigorously at the end of two hours when the test was terminated. Something in the liver had prevented them from becoming exhausted. To this day scientists have not been able to pin a label on this anti-fatigue factor.

Extract from : The Liver Files

How Vince Gironda Found the Power of Food

Vince Gironda
The Iron Guru Vince Gironda  (1917 to 1997)

One man who had mastered dieting and who never used drugs was the Iron Guru Vince Gironda.

Gironda began competing in the 1950s and then trained both athletes and movie stars for many decades after. So defined was his physique, he often found himself penalized by judges who seemed confused over his appearance.They thought that this type of cut-up physique was slightly repugnant so he lost most muscular titles to smoother men who had that type of definition for that day.

Gironda often stated that nutrition was 85-90 percent of bodybuilding. His alternative to drugs was eggs, he advocated up to 36 eggs a day for 6 to 8 weeks to produce muscle buildup.

He recommended mineral rich sea kelp for its iodine content and dried liver extract for blood building and oxygen capacity boosting. Many bodybuilders used desiccated liver after the early 1950s experiments of Dr. Benjamin Ershoff. Ershoff who conducted the famous liver study wherein rats fed 10 percent desiccated liver swam far longer compared to controls.

Extracts from : Splendid Specimens: The history of Nutrition in Bodybuilding

Vince Gironda’s 3 Natural Anabolic Secrets

 Anabolic : the synthesis of complex molecules (f.ex muscle tissue) in living organisms


Vince used to suggest taking three to four amino acid tablets and 3 to 10 liver tablets every three hours to help keep the body in a positive nitrogen state between meals and during those times when a person can’t eat a normal meal or snack.

Liver contains a red protein pigment called Cytrochrome P-450 which accounts for the endurance factors that many hard training bodybuilders receive from taking it. Back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s it was common to see many bodybuilding competitors take as many as 60 Liver tablets a day in the off-season and 100 tablets the last few weeks prior to a competition.

Extract from : Vince Gironda’s 3 Natural Anabolic Secrets

Recognized the world over as a superfood…

 Superfood : a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.

Because mother’s milk is low in iron, liver is a valuable first food for baby, as around six months a full-term baby’s iron stores begin to decrease. In many traditional cultures, pre-chewed liver is a common first food. It is no wonder this food is revered for its nutritional gifts—compared to other foods, it outdoes most others in terms of vitamin and mineral concentration (see chart below).

Liver : No Other Common Food is Higher in Nutrients

Extract from : Sacred Foods for Exceptionally Healthy Babies …and parents , too!
Per 100 gramsAppleCarrotsRed MeatLiver
Phosphorus6 mg31 mg140 mg476 mg
Iron0.1 mg0.6 mg3.3 mg8.8 mg
Zinc0.05 mg0.3 mg4.4 mg4.0 mg
Copper0.04 mg0.08 mg0.2 mg12 mg
Vitamin B20.02 mg0.05 mg0.2 mg4.2 mg
Vitamin A0040 IU53,400 IU
Vitamin C0 7 mg6 mg027 mg
Vitamin B60.03 mg0.1 mg0.07 mg.73 mg
Vitamin B12001.84 mg111.3 mg

Inspired? Incorporate beef liver and kelp into your diet easily. Either take liver and kelp capsules for maximum convenience, or try adding liver and kelp powder into your food each day. With a mere 1.5 teaspoons you can easily optimise your health affordably.

Feed Your Mind: The Power of Whole Food Nutrition in Boosting Mental Wellbeing

Feed Your Mind The Power of Whole Food beef organ and kelp Nutrition in Boosting Mental Wellbeing

It is Mental Health Month, and we love to talk about mental health and wellbeing as we understand its importance to our quality of life. While we often think of mental health as a complex tangle of emotions and experiences, there’s a surprising connection between our gut and our brain. 

This Mental Health Month, we’re exploring how Grassland Nutrition’s freeze-dried wholefood beef organs and kelp can be a game-changer for your overall wellbeing, including dopamine production, thanks to the rich B12 and iodine content.

The Gut-Brain Connection

Recent scientific research has unveiled the intimate connection between our gut and our brain. This relationship is often referred to as the “gut-brain axis.” It turns out that the health of our gut microbiome – the trillions of microorganisms living in our intestines – can significantly influence our mental health.

A balanced gut microbiome can:

  1. Boost Mood: The gut produces many neurotransmitters, including serotonin and dopamine, which play a crucial role in regulating our mood and emotions. An imbalanced gut can lead to mood swings and even depression….
  2. Reduce Anxiety: The gut-brain axis influences the stress response, and an unhealthy gut can lead to heightened anxiety levels.
  3. Enhance Cognitive Function: A healthy gut can improve cognitive functions such as memory and focus.
  4. Support Better Sleep: Gut health impacts sleep patterns, so addressing gut issues can lead to more restful nights.

The Role of Grassland Nutrition Products

Grassland Nutrition offers a unique solution to promote both gut and mental health through their freeze-dried wholefood beef organs and kelp products. Here’s how these superfoods can benefit you:

  1. Beef Organs for Optimal Nutrition: Grassland Nutrition’s freeze-dried beef organs are a treasure trove of essential nutrients. They’re packed with B12, which is essential for brain health and dopamine production. B12 deficiencies are known to cause mood disorders and cognitive decline. By incorporating these nutrient-rich organs into your diet, you’re giving your brain the fuel it needs to function at its best.
  2. Kelp’s Iodine Power: Iodine is another critical nutrient for mental health. Kelp, a type of seaweed, is a fantastic source of iodine. Iodine deficiency can lead to thyroid issues, which are linked to mood imbalances. Adding kelp to your diet helps maintain proper thyroid function, which in turn supports a healthier mind.
  3. Gut Healing: Both beef organs and kelp contribute to gut health. The nutrients they provide support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, helping to maintain a balanced gut microbiome. A healthier gut means better digestion and absorption of nutrients, which can positively impact your mental health.

Incorporating Grassland Nutrition into Your Diet

It’s easy to integrate Grassland Nutrition’s products into your daily routine. You can sprinkle freeze-dried beef organs onto savoury foods, mix them into smoothies, or enjoy them as a snack. Kelp can be added to soups, stews, or as a seasoning for a nutrient-packed boost.

This Mental Health Month, take a step towards better mental and gut health by exploring the incredible benefits of Grassland Nutrition’s freeze-dried wholefood beef organs and kelp. 

Nourishing your body from the inside out can make a significant difference in how you feel and think, ultimately leading to a happier and healthier you. 

Remember, a healthy gut is a happy mind!

Optimise your Health and our Oceans with Kelp!

Are you ready to unlock the wonders of kelp for your health and the environment? 

Even mainstream media has been publishing opinion pieces on the incredible benefits of the wonderful Protist, both for our wellbeing and the planet. 

A Sustainable Superfood

Kelp makes great waves as a sustainable superfood. It’s a fast-growing, low-maintenance crop loaded with nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre. When its freeze-dried kelp retains its nutritional value and is shelf stable.

Kelp’s potential extends far beyond our plates. It can replace plastics, help combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide. It’s also a natural habitat for marine life and aids in cleaning our oceans from pollutants. 

Kelp for Thyroid Health and Natural Immunity

Kelp is rich in iodine and an essential nutrient for thyroid health. The thyroid gland regulates metabolism and supports overall wellbeing. Incorporating pure kelp into your diet can ensure you get the iodine your thyroid needs, promoting optimal function and a robust immune system.

By embracing seaweed as a superfood and learning sustainable cultivation methods, we not only boost our health but also contribute to a greener, more resilient future. So, why not make pure kelp a part of your daily routine? It’s an ancient remedy that can lead to a healthier you and a healthier planet.

At Grassland Nutrition, we ethically harvest kelp from the pristine shores of Marrawah, Tasmania. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that we harness the benefits of kelp while preserving the beauty of our natural environment.  Our unique Kelp Crunch is a great way to add the much needed daily iodine levels your body craves that our modern eating habits lack. Energy formula liver and kelp blend is available in capsule and powder form.

Here’s a candid and creative review from one of our customers in the United States. If the author sees this, we appreciate the effort you’ve taken to share your feedback.

There are a number of products offering ‘Grass Fed Beef Liver’ from either Australia or New Zealand. Some offer a larger quantity of liver powder per dose as others are unreasonably costly. Since neither Australians nor New Zealanders are irresponsible producers, I want to believe that products offered in North America are top-notch beef liver from either Australians or New Zealanders.

Please, pay attention to the following:

My research on nutrients that our bodies ~and that of our pets~ need to work as intended by Mother Nature led me to learn that there is a small gland that needs a particular nutrient to do her critically important job. The name of the gland is THYROID. She produces and releases Thyroid Hormones which control vitally important functions in our bodies. That gland ~that looks like a butterfly~ periodically requires healthful quantities of a nutrient known as IODINE.

The reason why I elaborate on that gland’s needs is because only one product ~that I know of~ add a good quantity of Iodine provided by kelp to the beef liver that they offer. That product is ‘Grassland Beef Liver WITH KELP.’

I will not elaborate on medical matters, but I will mention that health matters can complicate when the Thyroid Gland does not receive the nutrients that she needs.

Down To Earth Reviewer

5.0 out of 5 stars

 Pay Attention To This

Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2023

Verified Purchase

Join the Kelp Revolution

By incorporating kelp into our diets, we not only enhance our health and immunity, but also contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future. 


How Beef Organs Can Supercharge Your Mind and Shield Against Dementia

In the quest for a long and healthy life, protecting our cognitive abilities is crucial. Dementia, a decline in cognitive function affects everyday life and is a condition feared by many. Every year, there are nearly 10 million new cases (1)

While genetics play a role in our susceptibility to dementia, lifestyle factors including diet, can also influence our mental and cognitive wellbeing. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the potential benefits of incorporating beef organs into your diet as a preventive measure against dementia.

Understanding Dementia

Dementia encompasses various conditions that result in cognitive impairment, with Alzheimer’s disease being the most common form. Symptoms may include memory loss, difficulty in problem-solving, and changes in behaviour, which can significantly impact an individual’s overall welfare.

The Role of Diet in Brain Health

Research suggests that diet plays a crucial role in brain health and may help reduce the risk of dementia. Consuming nutrient-dense foods can nourish the brain, support cognitive function, and potentially delay or mitigate the onset of dementia-related symptoms.

Beef Organs: A Nutritional Powerhouse

Beef organs, such as liver, have long been celebrated for their exceptional nutritional value. These organs are rich in essential nutrients that are beneficial for brain health:

Vitamin B12 Beef organs, particularly liver, are an excellent source of vitamin B12, a vital nutrient for brain function. A deficiency in vitamin B12 has been linked to cognitive decline and dementia.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Brain health thrives on omega-3 fatty acids, and beef organs are a source of these essential fats. Omega-3s are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and support of cognitive function.

Choline Beef liver is a top source of choline, a nutrient essential for the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in memory and learning.

Antioxidants Beef organs also contain antioxidants like selenium and vitamin E, which help protect brain cells from oxidative damage.

Add Beef Organs to Your Diet

Here’s some practical ways to incorporate them into your diet:

Classic Danish-Style Liver Pâté: 

Liver pâté is a delicious way to enjoy the nutritional benefits of beef liver. Spread it on toast for a satisfying snack or eat it in its beautiful naked baked state.

Danish-style Beef Burgers with cheese and beef liver cream sauce

Whole food beef organ supplements: If you’re not a fan of organ meats, consider high-quality supplements that provide the essential nutrients found in beef organs. 

Slow-Cooked Stews: Add beef organs to slow-cooked stews or soups, allowing the flavours to meld together.

As we mark Dementia Action Week (2), let’s remember that a proactive approach to brain health can make a world of difference. Embrace a diet enriched with beef organs, soak in the morning sun for that essential DHA boost, engage in regular exercise, and indulge in mind-stimulating activities like reading and problem-solving puzzles. Together, these steps can help safeguard your cognitive wellbeing and contribute to a brighter, healthier future. Let’s act now, because a dementia-friendly world begins with our actions today.

If you have a loved one with Dementia and are seeking practical caring support we urge you to look at the services provided by Dementia Doulas International (3), a professional compassionate care approach that supports families and those impacted by advancing dementia, to prepare them for what’s to come so that everyone can come back to living for today. Check out the series of Dementia experience books by Wendy Hall of Dementia Doulas International to help you navigate and best support those needing help – at all stages. 


Nourishing Minds: A Holistic Approach to Mental Wellbeing

At Grassland Nutrition, we believe in the power of holistic wellbeing. Mental health isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s at the core of our values and objectives. As we approach Mental Health & Wellbeing, we want to share our perspective and commitment, especially on this RU OK Day.

Nutrition for Mental Health 

Eating well extends beyond physical health—it’s also vital for mental wellbeing. Nutrient-dense organ meats like liver, heart, and kidney are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These elements are instrumental in brain health and emotional wellbeing.

The Role of Key Nutrients

Vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids found in beef organs support cognitive function, mood regulation, and mental clarity. The high choline content aids neurotransmitter production, assisting in managing conditions like depression and anxiety.

Natural vs. Supplements

Whole food sources like beef organs offer superior nutrient bioavailability compared to supplements. While not a replacement for professional mental health care, they complement a holistic approach by providing the essential building blocks for optimal brain and body function.

Our commitment to mental health is action-oriented. We’ve taken deliberate steps to cultivate a thriving environment:

  • Open and Supportive Culture: We foster open discussions, addressing not only work-related matters but personal challenges too, building a foundation of trust and support.
  • Informal Gatherings: Beyond formal meetings, our informal gatherings create a space for personal and professional conversations, strengthening our sense of community.
  • Conflict Resolution: Challenges are addressed collectively, fostering solutions that benefit everyone involved.
  • Learning environment: Our team has access to a wealth of resources for stress management and seeking assistance when needed. We believe knowledge and support are essential for mental wellbeing.
  • Flexibility: Recognising diverse needs, our flexible work arrangements empower everyone to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Encouraging Self-Care: We actively promote self-care practices like meditation and yoga, understanding their vital role in maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Mental health is a journey, and we’re committed to walking it with our team and community. As we mark RU OK Day, we’re reminded to check in on one another, offer support, and continue nurturing not just our bodies but our minds too. Together, we can create a healthier, happier world. 💚 #MentalHealthMatters #RUOKday

Nurturing, Strengthening, and Boosting Immunity: Beef Organs and Kelp for Women’s Wellness

It’s Women’s Health Week so let’s explore the nourishing potential of two nutritional powerhouses: beef organs and kelp! These natural wonders support overall health and also provide a nurturing boost, strengthening, and supporting immunity with benefits that every woman can thrive on.

Nurturing with Beef Organs

Beef liver, in freeze-dried form, is packed with vitamin A, often referred to as the “beauty nutrient.” It promotes healthy skin and hair, giving you that healthy inside and out glow.

Beef kidney is a hidden gem that provides essential nutrients like vitamin B12 and CoQ10, which can boost your energy levels, overall vitality and stave off allergies.

Kelp is a rich source of iodine, a vital mineral for thyroid health. A well-functioning thyroid is essential for regulating metabolism, maintaining energy levels, and achieving hormonal balance.

Kelp’s impressive mineral profile, including calcium and magnesium, contributes to strong bones, an essential consideration for women’s long-term health.

Beef organs, particularly kidney, contain DAO (Diamine Oxidase), which can help break down histamine. This is a game-changer for women dealing with histamine intolerance, offering digestive relief.

Both beef organs and kelp are rich in antioxidants, combating free radicals and supporting your immune system’s defense against infections and diseases.

The convenience of freeze-dried beef organs and kelp makes them easy to include in your daily routine. Sprinkle kelp on salads, soups, or rice dishes for a nutritional boost, and consider capsules for added convenience. Likewise, add beef liver or kidney powder to smoothies or recipes for a nourishing kick.

During Women’s Health Week, let’s celebrate the remarkable nurturing, strengthening, and immunity-boosting power of beef organs and kelp. By incorporating these natural wonders into your diet, you can support your wellbeing and boost your vitality, making every week a Women’s Health Week! 

Your health is your true wealth, and these nutrient-rich whole foods with nothing added are here to help you thrive.  Try in capsule, powder or wholefood chunk form and access the convenient nutritious lift to your daily diet.

Unlocking Psoriasis Relief: The Power of Beef Organs and a Meat-Based Diet

August shines a light on Psoriasis Awareness Month which, as a sufferer of skin issues, drove us to delve into the connection between nutrition and skin health. 

For many, psoriasis isn’t just a skin condition; it’s an ongoing battle with discomfort and self-esteem. But what if we told you that a meat-based diet, incorporating nutrient-dense beef organs, could offer relief by targeting gut inflammation, a trigger for psoriasis? 

This dietary approach might just be the key to clearer, healthier skin.

Benefits of Beef Organs for Gut Inflammation

Beef organs, especially liver, are nutritional powerhouses. They’re rich in essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, zinc, and B vitamins. These nutrients help to maintain a healthy gut lining and support the immune system. A well-functioning gut is less likely to be inflamed, reducing triggers for psoriasis flare-ups.

Liver contains retinol (preformed vitamin A) and plays a significant role in skin health. Retinol supports skin cell production and repair that mitigates excessive skin cell growth that is characteristic of psoriasis.

Carnivore-Based Diet and Gut Health

A meat-based diet is simple and focuses on animal products. By eliminating gut irritants like grains, dairy, and vegetables, it reduces gut inflammation – one of the underlying factors contributing to psoriasis.

Moreover, the high-fat nature of this diet can support the body’s production of anti-inflammatory compounds, which may further soothe the skin and reduce psoriasis symptoms.

As a sufferer of an interesting combination of dermatitis and rosacea since my second child, no over the counter products have had the effect that altering my diet has had. Eliminating everything but meat (salt to taste) and water for two weeks helped to settle my gut dramatically and alleviated other IBS symptoms too. Two years later, although the rosacea is still prevalent when stressed, run down or coming up to, during and a few days past a menstrual cycle it is distinctly less angry – and the gut is harmoniously aligned with clarity of mind… 

We understand that psoriasis is a complex condition with numerous triggers, yet diet plays a significant role in managing it. 

Let’s touch on the other factors that can contribute to its development and exacerbation. These factors include:

  • Genes If there are others in the family with psoriasis there is a higher risk of developing it.
  • Autoimmune disease Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease causing inflammation and excessive skin cell production. Immune system dysfunction is a key factor in psoriasis.
  • Environmental factors Stress is probably the biggest environmental culprit.
  • Excess body fat There’s a link between obesity and psoriasis where increased inflammation in the body can worsen psoriasis symptoms.
  • Smoking and alcohol There’s no surprise that these pastimes exacerbate the symptoms.
  • Hormonal fluctuations Hormonal disruption whether in puberty, pregnancy or menopause impacts psoriasis.

Allison’s success story

Allison Wilson, aka The Glamorous Carnivore, has kindly shared her transformative personal story with us to offer help to others.

My psoriasis developed in full force after I delivered my 4th child. I, at that point, was undiagnosed with Celiac Disease. Celiac disease is also an autoimmune disease, but unlike psoriasis, this disease causes your immune system to attack your small intestine. After the destruction of your villi, you are unable to absorb nutrients from your food. Vitamin deficiencies are common in people with psoriasis.

Upon diagnosis of my celiac disease, I removed gluten from my diet but after a few months of a gluten-free diet, I was still having symptoms. I learned about the cross-reactivity of grains (where your immune system gets confused and creates a “glutened” reaction to foods that contain proteins that are not the same as wheat/barley/rye gluten) and removed all grains. I felt much better but would still have symptoms and was desperate for relief. 

I decided to bite the bullet and just cold turkey on everything else besides animal products. Within 3 days. I had no symptoms at all! My digestion was no longer painful and uncomfortable all day long, my skin cleared up, my joints stopped hurting, my migraines dissipated, and I could just feel that the inflammation levels in my body were lower than they’d ever been before. 

Through a continued carnivore diet, I’ve lost weight and stabilised my autoimmune diseases. I contribute my health gains to the highly nutrient-dense animal foods and the removal of ALL plant material. On occasion, my skin might flare up or react to outside sources that are much easier to pinpoint points like lack of sleep, skin trauma, or stress. 

I help my skin by also only using animal-based soaps and moisturisers (some include bovine liver and egg yolks!) A carnivore diet has 100% helped clear up and keep my skin and entire body healthier and happier!” 

Here at Grassland Nutrition, we don’t advocate a one-size fits all approach, we are all different. As psoriasis is a highly individualised condition, what worsens it can vary. 

Managing psoriasis needs a personalised approach, like Allison’s story that takes into account all of these various factors – and diet has a part to play.

If you’d like to get in touch and tell us about your experience, or you’d like to get started on your journey with whole food nutrition – we’d love to hear from you!

Unlocking Your Brain’s Potential: The Iodine-IQ Connection and Beef Liver Boost

We all want to be at the top of our game, mentally sharp and ready to take on our daily challenges. One way to enhance our brain function is to scrutinise our dietary choices. In this blog, we’re diving into the benefits of iodine and its link to IQ, with an emphasis  on beef liver’s role in boosting brain power.

Iodine and IQ: A Powerful Link

Iodine might be a tiny element, but it plays a colossal role in our cognitive development. This essential trace element is vital for thyroid function, particularly in the production of thyroid hormones. Why does this matter for our brains? Because thyroid hormones are the driving force behind brain development, especially during pregnancy and early childhood.

Severe iodine deficiency during pregnancy can lead to a devastating condition known as cretinism, resulting in irreversible cognitive impairment. Fortunately, cretinism is rare in developed countries, however, even mild iodine deficiency can impact cognitive function in children, leading to lower IQ scores and impaired cognitive development. This is a real worldwide issue today and has been reported as a worldwide crisis on mainstream media.

Beef Liver: A Brain-Boosting Superfood

Now, let’s talk about beef liver. This nutrient-packed organ meat is a treasure trove of essential nutrients, including vitamin B12, iron, and zinc.

  • Vitamin B12: is a key player in the formation of myelin, a substance that insulates nerve cells and ensures efficient nerve transmission. It’s like the brain’s high-speed internet connection, and vitamin B12 keeps it humming.
  • Iron: essential for carrying oxygen to the brain. An iron deficiency can lead to anemia, causing cognitive problems such as memory lapses and difficulty concentrating.
  • Zinc: plays a crucial role in neurotransmitter function, which affects memory and learning processes. It’s like the conductor in the brain’s orchestra.

Putting It All Together

Incorporating beef liver into your diet can give your cognitive health a well-deserved boost, especially if you have deficiencies in these critical nutrients. But, cognitive function is a complex puzzle with many pieces. Genetics, overall diet, physical activity, and mental stimulation working together  harmoniously keep your brain in tip-top shape.

To ensure you’re getting enough iodine for optimal cognitive development and function, use kelp and eat iodine-rich foods like seafood, dairy products, and eggs. 

Your brain is your most valuable asset. With the right nutrients and a clean diet, you can unlock its full potential and keep those cognitive gears well oiled.

Try Kelp Crunch, unique to Grassland Nutrition, simply wild harvested and organic sourced Bull Kelp. A convenient way to meet your iodine requirements and protect your thyroid health. 

Sprinkle over food for a light salty taste and crunch!