At 74 I have had a generally happy life, But that’s too much to cover in a short story, so let’s concentrate on the last 4 years of health with a few flip back to the past, and how LCHF, Liver Supplementation has changed my life.

About 4 years ago Olaf who has studied health and nutrition for quite a few years, came back from overseas, where he among other influential people had meet Dr.David Perlmutter and read his book The Brain Maker.

Even we thought, my wife and I, that we always had been living a healthy life and made most main meals from the ground up, and always been aware of the important of exercise, Olaf convinced us to adopt a LCHF diet, we didn’t go “cold turkey”, but bit by bit we cut out SUGAR, GRAIN PRODUCTS, and POTATOES, added more coconut oil, animal fat, olive oil, dairy cream, butter and full fat cheese.

So looking back over the last 4 years, what has really happened, had there actual been any change health wise?

Not really at first gland, BUT THEN, I had suffered from about 50 years of migraine, for about 40 of those years I had to take 1 day a week of the calendar and the day after where no good ether, but that became “NORMAL”.

Now 4 years down the track, I have not had one single headache for 4 years, my sinus congestion, I could not breath trough the nose at night, all cleared up, no problems, My hearing that was dramatic reduced during pneumonia 7 years ago are about to be restored, I think.

I have never had a flue vaccination, but used to have a regular attach when the season occurred, NOW I have not had any flue or any diseases for the last 4 years

Even I am in the “ high risk group” by age, NOT QUIT “NORMAL”

Things like niggling joints, jammed up jaws, and could not put weight on my heals, back Paine, hay fewer, two hip replacements and two hernia operations, where all put down to: You are growing – part of life – old age.

But after overcoming all those Perfect “NORMAL” health conditions at 74, I feel that I am as fit as ever, both mentally and physically.

The family together with a good friend has now started to manufacture a unique dietary supplement based on beef liver, which has been my passion to do for many years.

I honest believe that regular supplementing with our Liver/Kelp product, featuring B12 and Iodine, made under the banner of Grassland Nutrition, and been trailed for the last two years is another key factor to my good health; I am now looking forward to the next 30 years at least.