Debunking concerns: Vitamin A from Beef Liver and Pregnancy

A nutrient-dense diet is crucial during pregnancy and breastfeeding, directly impacting fetal brain development, birth weight, immune function, and the quality of mother’s milk. Among the essential vitamins needed during pregnancy, vitamin A takes centre stage. However, concerns about liver consumption and vitamin A toxicity have created confusion. 

Let’s delve into the benefits of incorporating beef liver into a healthy pregnancy and address these misconceptions.

Vitamin A plays a vital role in embryonic development, offering benefits like vision support, growth, cell division, reproduction, and immunity. While some plants provide vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, it may not be efficiently converted into retinol, the nutrient essential for these functions. Retinol can be obtained from organic-sourced beef liver, as well as eggs and dairy.

Maintaining adequate vitamin A levels during pregnancy is essential for the wellbeing of both mother and fetus.

Natural sources of vitamin A, such as beef liver, also come bundled with other beneficial nutrients like vitamin D and vitamin K2. Synthetic vitamin A, often derived from palm oil, differs significantly from naturally occurring vitamin A. Beef liver, rich in heme iron and B-vitamins, is especially abundant in vitamin A. Additionally, vitamin A deficiency can affect iron absorption, potentially increasing iron needs. Since heme iron from animal protein is more easily absorbed by the body than non heme iron from plant sources, incorporating beef liver into the diet ensures sufficient iron intake.

Folate (Vitamin B9) is another crucial nutrient for healthy fetal development, particularly during the early stages of pregnancy when the neural tube forms. Folate requirements increase significantly during pregnancy, and including folate-rich foods like beef liver or liver powder supplements can help bridge the gap.

Incorporating wholefood beef liver into your pregnancy diet provides a valuable source of vitamin A, folate, and heme iron. These nutrients support a healthy pregnancy and the optimal development of your newborn.

Here’s how you can include organically sourced grass-fed beef liver in your pregnancy:

Try our Grassland Nutrition’s Organically sourced Grass-fed Beef Liver, rich in naturally sourced B12. Our beef liver is obtained from OBE Organic in the Australian Channel Country, where the cattle graze freely on a nutrient-dense grass diet consisting of over 250 native plant species, nourished by natural rainfall. Our product is 100% organic and halal sourced, with no fillers or flow agents. We freeze-dry our beef liver to optimally preserve the nutrients, co-factors, and biological activity.

Don’t let misconceptions hold you back—debunk concerns and embrace the benefits of including beef liver in your pregnancy.


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